Monday, August 2, 2010

This is it

I have neglected my blog lately...not because I don't have things to say but because I have no time to write them! I hate that! So much is going on right now. We are getting ready to leave this:

Good old Cincinnati where I've lived for 30 some years...

and move to this:

Beautiful Colorado Springs where there is no humidity (thank you, God!).

With this move comes quite a bit of excitement, a lot of loss and the overall sense that sacrificing what's comfortable for us will be the beginning of a beautiful adventure.  (I know, I doesn't look like much of a sacrifice, does it?!) The moving truck comes next week so I'm back to packing.  Next blog post will likely be from Colorado!  Thanks for all your prayers and support, guys!  THIS IS IT!!!!


  1. Gorgeous there! Blessings and prayers for your trip!


  2. We're praying for you as you move and all the transitions mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually that come with such a huge change. I'm looking forward to how God grows you through it all and anticipating much fruitfulness for His glory. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, friend.

  3. Excited to meet you in person some day (hopefully) soon!

    your WarriorSister :)