Thursday, July 22, 2010

If you could RESCUE, would you?

I know that so much clamors for our attention. There are so many things to donate to, so many organizations doing great things. Many of us have our budgets laid out each month to support organizations that are making tangible differences in the lives of people all over the world. And, many of us don’t. For many of us, money is tight.

I’d like to challenge our view of “tight” however. Please know I’m not making light of anyone’s financial situations. I view my financial situation as tight right now too. BUT…

I still find money for Starbucks runs, eating out and a few other things that cause me to realize my financial situation is NOT tight. In fact, according to I am in the TOP 0.61% richest people in the world!

Um, excuse me???? I’d encourage you to check it out and see where you fall on that scale. I think what you will find will give you reason to pause. It gives me reason to stop complaining. It gives me reason to think about the situations of other people in the world and recognize that even if I am struggling…I AM WEALTHY. I have a roof over my head, a car, food whenever I need it (and then some!) and everything I “need”. I think that it’s too easy to come up with excuses NOT to give. I’d like for you to consider laying aside those excuses today because there are ten girls in India who need RESCUED from a life of rape and abuse. Please go HERE to read more about their unthinkable situation. We are hoping to raise enough money by the end of the day TOMORROW. Just think…you can help rescue little girls from their abusers with your Starbucks money and eating out budget. Are their lives not worth our sacrifice??

My friend, Tom Davis wrote earlier this morning that “We cannot stretch out our hands and arms to serve the poor when they are clutching tightly to our things.” Ouch. That hurts because I know that I clutch my things. My cable, my hair products, my shoes. I CLUTCH them…you’d be hard pressed to pry my hands from them. But I have been forced to stop and pray and think this morning. All of those things bring me fleeting pleasure. Being able to rescue little girls from a life of torture and darkness gives me GREAT joy. For their freedom I will give. Will you consider joining me?


  1. Joining! Figuring out WHAT is gonna go! I have so much...disgusting!

  2. I love you! I just simply LOVE you!

  3. thank you for making people aware. education is everything.

  4. that is a really cool web site! I don't know where you found it, but I am definitely going to make use of that. As usual, I'd like to copy and use parts of your post :) (Why re-invent the wheel when you do it so well!)

  5. I just adore you! It's so funny, God has recently been challenging me to re-read the passages pertaining to the "rich" in the bible, He's saying, "um..that's you, girl". When I've read through those passages in the past, I've always sort of "pitied" the rich and thought of those in Hollywood or CEO-types - American Billionare/Millionare types - never myself. But the truth is that if we make a mere $50K/yr, we're in the top 5% of the world's most wealthy. Wow. I think I got that from Platt's audiobook - hopefully my memory serves me. I think he also said if we make $35K/yr, we're in the top 15%. Wow...Americans make that on unemployment.