Thursday, January 28, 2010


Do you ever stop and think about the things you take for granted? How many times do you turn the faucet on and enjoy a cold drink of clean water or a hot bath without blinking? As you sit in traffic complaining about the wait, are you thinking how blessed you are to have a car that’s stuck in traffic? Did you know that only 8% of the world’s population owns a car? When you open your fridge to pull out something to eat, do you ever think about how many people in the world have NO access to food? When you down a few Advil to get rid of your headache do you think about the people in the world who’ve never known pain relief? When you pick out one of your many pairs of shoes in the morning and slip them on, do you ever think about these feet that have never known a pair of shoes?

In September I saw the faces that belong to these feet in Africa. They are faces I will never forget. They were faces with big smiles, sad eyes and haunting stories I could hardly handle. Unfortunately, their stories are reflective of the millions of orphans living in Africa alone.

This Valentine’s Day we have an opportunity to do something tangible for these sweethearts! Children’s HopeChest will provide an orphan in Ethiopia with a much needed pair of shoes when you purchase a “Simply Love” t-shirt.

While we have the luxury of buying chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day, these orphans don’t have any luxuries period. The truth is, having a pair of shoes is a luxury to them. Can you believe that many of them have gone their entire lives barefoot? I've seen personally how harsh the hot ground, sharp rocks and glass can be on these sweet little bare feet. So, how about we toss the flowers and the chocolate out the door this Valentine’s Day and give a gift that will make a meaningful difference for these kids! Are you in? Click here if so! 


  1. You know, I think that is why our hubbys rock so much! Le got rid of the flowers and chocolate a long time ago. And really, shoes on little feet are so much more beautiful than roses any day of the week! I LOVE you.