Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Kind of Dinner Does God Bring You?

Reckless Faith - Beth Guckenberger - Joel's Story

Beth Guckenberger wrote Reckless Faith in 2008. She and her husband Todd serve with Back2Back Ministries in Monterrey, Mexico and have an incredible ministry to orphans there. I heard her share this story here in Cincinnati last year and was excited to find it on video to share with you.

Beth says "I'm learning to let my back get pushed against a wall because that is when I cry out for my Rescuer. Most days when I see the wall coming I angle myself so I don't get anywhere near it. I decide not to say something that I should or not to take a risk that I've been dying to take. I realize now, more than three decades into my life, that the only new things I try tend to be those I'm already good at or capable of. I'm slowly learning to get in over my head so that God can save the day - or at least pick up the pieces. I want to take risk so that I can't bail myself out, so that I am even more grateful when God shows up."

Wow...that was an eye opener to me. So often I can convince myself that the things I'm doing in my life require faith when in reality they are often things that I'm already good at or capable of. They don't really require faith. Francis Chan tells a story in his book Crazy Love about how he was sitting in class one day and his college professor asked the question "What are you doing in your life right now that really requires faith?". He couldn't answer it. There was nothing in his life that required faith. Man...I have often found myself with that same answer. I set myself and my life up so that I am SAFE - so that I am in control. So that I'm comfortable.

I don't want to be in control anymore. I want to trust God so much that I am unafraid to put myself in situations where I will be in trouble if God doesn't show up. I want to be like Edgar who encouraged the children to think trust that the God of the Universe so loves them that He will bring them steak for dinner. If I had been Edgar in that moment, I would have just picked up the phone and called Todd & Beth to come bring tortillas and eggs for dinner - because that was a sure thing. But Edgar had faith to step out and encourage the children to ask God to show up.

How am I doing this in my life? What am I doing in my life that really requires faith today? What kind of dinner have I decided that God will bring me tonight? Am I asking for steak or just settling for tortillas and eggs? God help me move beyond myself and my fear to that place of total trust in Your character and Your plans. They are so far better than anything I could do on my own.


  1. Brilliant! Go Girl!! LOUDER!!

  2. Hey Friend! Doesn't Beth's passion for serving the Lord and her honesty with her own struggles just move you? Have you read her book yet? I'm reading it right now and sent a copy to my friend. Wish I could have heard her share in person. What a blessing!

    Speaking of which, bless YOU for your very sweet and supportive comments on my blog. You humble me.

    With love & JOY,

  3. Ok, I just found your blog through Tom Davis' blog and now I am adding you to my blogroll. This post brought me to tears! AWESOME!