Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Got A Referral!!

I am soaring right now! We just officially were approved on Monday of this week to adopt an "older" child in Ethiopia - up to age 5. We've been waiting for a year for a referral and we got one today!!! The sweetest little four year old boy - we'll just call him T for now since we can't post pictures or his name until later in the process - will be joining our family in about 4-6 months! THANK YOU GOD!!!!

Ben and I are leaving tonight for Oklahoma City so I have no time to write more at the moment, but I just had to share the amazing news!! More to come soon on this - I promise!

If you think of it, would you please pray this weekend as we are going to OKC to see a church sponsor 600 orphans in Ngariam, where Ben and I visited on our trip to Uganda. You can read more about our time in Ngariam here and here. We are asking God to move in hearts this weekend to see ALL of the children sponsored. Thank you for joining us in prayer!


  1. CONGRATS!! You must be on cloud 9! Well, hold on tight, because it ONLY gets better from here!! He sounds like the perfect little Christmas gift!!!

  2. Oh Amy how wonderful! What are the the chances a 4 year old little boy hum that sounds so familiar to me!!!! YEAH!! Little M and Little T will be great playmates!!! I can not wait to hear more!!

  3. Praise God! Rejoicing!

    Praying! God is so good!

    Your card is my FAVORITE!!!!!!! Amazing! Thank you!

    love, Jen

  4. I didn't realize it was you and Ben who were going to OKC!!! I have been praying for this weekend, and you can bet your socks off, I will be continuing to pray for the launch and for you guys--and specifically that ALL 600 children will be sponsored. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or imagine... (I can imagine a 'bout you?!)

    AND, I can't wait to see a picture of your little guy! I know I have to wait...that so stinks!

  5. Fantastic...I'll pray about the OKC weekend; and for you all as you prep for T's homecoming. Praising God with you over that huggable news.

  6. Oh, Amy!!! I'm SO glad you posted on my blog. My laptop burned out a month ago and I've been so out of tough since. Sigh. ANYHOW - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh, God is GOOD. I cannot wait to see his precious face when you can share his pic - and THEN to see him in your arms. Praying God's favor & man's favor upon the rest of your journey to your sweet boy!!! Thanks for sharing in OUR joy! With love, Amy