Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Orphans Worship

One of my very favorite things in Uganda was hearing the children worship...I'm not talking about singing - I'm talking about WORSHIP. These children have a deep inner sense of WHO they are praising and talking to - it's obvious. It's just them and their Father. I was so touched by watching them sing fervently...these children believe in the words they are speaking and more importantly, WHO they are speaking them to. So, when I ran across the excerpt below from a book called "Wrecked for the Ordinary", I was so excited because it perfectly describes what I saw.

"When orphans worship, their voices are loud, their eyes are closed tightly, and their little hands are gripped together. Your jaw will drop as you watch them physically enter into the presence of a king.

When orphans worship, their voices ache to express their hearts. Their songs are ones of desperation and admiration to a creator who they know holds them in his palm.

When orphans worship, your eyes fill with tears as you feel God all around you. Physically, you are overcome and spiritually you are one with the Lord.

When orphans worship, their last care in the world is what you, I, or their friend thinks of them. They sing loud, undignified, and with passion.

When orphans worship, you begin to wonder if this is what it is supposed to be like for us. You begin to wonder why God’s presence is so strong there, but we struggle to enter into any meaningful worship in our clean, well lit, and finely carpeted buildings.

When orphans worship, you are easily convinced that there is nothing else on their minds. Their deep expressions can tell you a thousand stories about the throne room.

When orphans worship, their instruments are their voices and the clap of their hands, but you’d probably swear you also could hear percussion, guitars, and booming pianos.

When orphans worship, they appear as though they have learned something we haven’t. While you and I find it so hard to believe that we have a God who loves and desires us, they take no interest in such foolishness."

Oh God, may I take no interest in such foolishness! May your abounding love for me move me into deeper relationship with you...may your love leave me with no other response than to love You with my life. Each breath, each word, each action - may they speak to the greatness and grace of God!


  1. Amazing! I am singing "How He Love Us" in my head--this post evoked that in my Spirit. I guess to rationalize when I sing that song lately it is where I meet HIM.

    Praying I get to see orphans teach me to worship with reckless abandon!

    Love you so much! Especially what your words stir in my heart! Your words being God's salve on my aching heart. a deeper longing.

    Thank you sister! May God continue to bless.

    Still have your pastors name up on my board-praying miracles!

    Will I hear your voice tomorrow?

  2. Jen!

    Thanks so much for your prayers...I appreciate them more than you know. Wouldn't miss our call tomorrow for the world...praying together is one of the highlights of my week! And how I hope you get the opportunity to watch orphans worship...it truly is life changing!!! Love you!

  3. Amy, It was so nice meeting you yesterday. Huge things have already happened since we spoke. God is moving!