Friday, September 11, 2009

Uganda Video

Hi guys! Ok, so I'm somewhat bummed that internet isn't letting me upload pictures, but I do have a video link from our day at Rapha for you to enjoy! As we are able to upload more videos I will get you more links! Sorry I have no time to blog more now, but we are headed to two unsponsored sites to scope out the situations of the children. It's going to be a hard day, so prayers are appreciated. My friend Lindsey's church is going to be sponsoring one of the sites we'll visit today, so our trip to Ngariam will be somewhat easier knowing that help is on the way for those precious kids. Lindsey...we will love on your kiddos today and take lots of pictures for you!! :)

Thanks for your ongoing prayers! I promise to blog tonight with more information about what I'm long as the internet works that is. :)


  1. Yay!!! I LOVE the video!!!!! Thank you so much. Cried happy tears of joy watching MY friends experience the joy of Rapha... .knowing how much fun that place is! Did you guys dance? really. . don't pass it up!

    Love you. . please come online soon.. I haven't chatted with you once!

    Praying for you at Ngariam today. Kiss those babies for me!


  2. I love seeing you all in Uganda! And knowing that you are going to be seeing our kid makes my heart leap. While you are praying for the hearts over there, continue to pray for the hearts here, so we continue to move off our butts and DO something! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you and Sarah and tell Ben that I think he has a life as an author after his blog yesterday.

  3. I love you, mom and dad. I hope you will come back soon. We watched the video. And I hope we will see you and I hope we will see you at airport. I love you mom and dad. Lily

  4. Thank you for giving us the video to watch from Uganda. I love you mama and dada. How many orphanages have you visited? I liked the little baby in the basket. I hope you give us a drum from Africa. Love, Ella

  5. Awesome. Beautiful. Amazing. OK...really? I'm just speechless! Thanks for sharing this...I'm behind on blog reading and am so looking forward to getting caught up on yours. Hugs Sista! - Amy