Sunday, May 31, 2009

Urgent Need - Feed The Forgotten in Uganda!

I'm taking a break from my usual posts to bring an urgent need to your attention. Some of you may know that I am getting involved with Children's Hope Chest, an organization that helps people like you and I come alongside communities around the world who are in need and provide for them. Hope Chest is currently working to address an urgent need in Uganda - people are literally starving to death...children and adults alike that Hope Chest team members just visited in the past month.

Get this:

For $0.14, we can (and WILL) feed someone a meal of posho and beans. (posho is cornmeal, which is filling and beans are protein). Take that in for a moment.
$0.14 a meal
$2.86 for 20 days
$1 per FAMILY
$20 feeds a family for 20 days.

I just spent $20 taking my family out to eat for lunch today. That could have fed a Ugandan family for 20 days!! Would you be willing to sacrifice something this week so that a family can literally survive with what you give? What if this was your family starving to death...what if your children were the ones listless from hunger? This suffering is real and it's happening NOW. We have the opportunity to do something! For $0.14 a meal, how can we not? Please click below to help and find out more. Thank you for caring and making a difference in people's lives today!


  1. Thanks friend. . .love you


  2. We budget $20.00/month to eat out, and $160.00/month to feed 3 adults and our dog. By doing this, and other money-saving measures, we have more to share with the poor. Our goal is to continue to increase our giving...we would love to spend at least as much to feed the poor as we spend to feed ourselves. By choosing to limit our luxuries, we can vastly increase our resources to share with others. That is precisely why we do all the thrift stuff.

  3. I love it, Susan!! You guys have this down to an art - I've got so much to learn from you! I so appreciate that you have a goal to feed the poor with as much as you spend to feed yourselves. That sort of makes the "Love your neighbor as your self" part come to life!

  4. I don't want to imply in any way that we think we've "arrived" -- we haven't. But when Jesus talked about self-denial in Luke 9:23-23, he used the word "daily". I believe that, if we as Christians search our hearts to learn where Christ is calling us to daily self-denial, we can release resources which will change the world. We long to belong to a church which is changing the world . . . I am so thankful that you do, also!

  5. I didn't think you at all meant you had "arrived", but I think you have traveled this road longer and better than I! But you're right - this is all about DAILY self denial - it's about our hearts. There is so much joy in releasing our "stuff" to invest in the things that really matter. BTW...we are starting a class at church around The Hole In Our Gospel - talking about God's heart for the poor. We'd love to have you guys along for the ride!

  6. Talked to Ray about the class a couple weeks ago and am planning to attend; Rob is praying to have the time off work so he can be there also. Some of it depends on the timing. I'm excited that so many at church are searching their hearts about the same needs at the same time . . . confirmation to me that this is where God is moving (at least some of) us.